At Emmons’ TaeKwonDo Academy, we offer unlimited weekly TaeKwonDo Training classes available to people of all ages.


TaeKwonDo Training

We teach an ancient art for modern times by using up-to-date natural body movement techniques that are safe and customized to all physical abilities. TaeKwonDo training also focuses on self-discipline and physical fitness.


We teach real street self-defense techniques also used by law enforcement to protect themselves from physical attacks.
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Mental Development

We focus on the development of empathy, kindness for others, and integrity of one’s heart and soul to do what is right at all times, while also developing mental toughness that naturally comes with physical training in TaeKwonDo.

Self confidence

TaeKwonDo training builds a students’ ability to stand up for themselves, understanding their self-worth and appreciation for themselves as a whole person. Developing a person with the tenants of TaeKwonDo rooted deep inside.
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Increase flexibility and improve muscle strength, practicing and learning how to defend yourself

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Fitness Classes

Workouts are specifically designed to focus on cardio, strength, endurance and stamina

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After School Care

We will pick your child up from their school, and drive them back to the Academy

Our School

Our Classes




JUNIORS (6-12)






TaeKwonDo Fitness


Taekwondo is a way of life

When starting TaeKwonDo training, one quickly realizes that it is more than just an activity. TaeKwonDo is a way of life, in your manner and action. The tenants of TaeKwonDo, Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit take on new meaning as you train and gain a greater understanding of the art and of the tenants that have been recited for thousands of years, by millions of martial artist.

Builds Inner Strength

The art of TaeKwonDo will help you build an inner strength through physical training. Understanding one's physical capabilities allows for kindness and understanding within yourself, bringing peace to your life. The development of your inner strength will heightened your ability to face the day to day struggles of life with confidence.

Boosts your Health and Fitness

Through the physical training of TaeKwonDo you will develop strength and flexibility, lose weight, tone muscles, and become healthier.
  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Self-Control
  • Perseverance
  • Indomitable Spirit


Our focus is to give you the best individual or group-training experience in Osceola County. Our Certified Instructors want to help you achieve your personal goals and set you up for successes in your life.


Our family loves Emmons TaeKwonDo. Our kids learn discipline, self respect and respect for those around them. Classes always push you to be better than you are and teach you how to work together. Lessons learned on the workout floor are lessons that will carry our kids into the world to be more successful.

Laura Avery

The instructors are very nice and always willing to help my daughter with her pattern. They have a lot of patience and make you feel like they have known you for years. Master Emmons’ is very enthusiastic when teaching and knows how to instruct and engage his students.

Mary Portillo

Emmons TaeKwonDo academy is wonderful place for your child to become a confident, good human being. My daughter loves her instructors and excels in school and has become a very confident, respectful young lady at the age of 7. I highly recommend looking forward not joining either for yourself or your child.

Carolyn Francis

One of the best things ever that could have happened in my granddaughters life was to attend this Taekwondo Academy for the teachers and instructors alone has made a tremendous difference in her life that has helped her.

Carolyn Duval

My son is in school since February and the truth is that I am very happy for the positive change he has gotten in his behavior, confidence and self-esteem, This is thanks to all the professional team and great human qualities that teaches in this academy. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Emmons and all Team for all you do, please keep going.

Michelle Victoria

Great instructors. Always work well with the students to help them advance from a beginning White Belt to a third degree Black Belt & beyond.

Billie Thompson-Romie

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