Emmons Taekwondo - A group of people training in martial arts at a TaeKwonDo Academy.

Your Workout

One day last week, while I was teaching the morning class. I watch two of my adult students training. Both have been in our program for about three years. We will call them student 1 and student 2. 1 has achieved there goal of Black belt, 2 has not. 1 trains three days per week consistently, 2 trains about 4 to 5 times per month. 1 Has lost a lot of weight, and 2 has not. 1 is in really good shape, and 2 has the same fitness level they had before starting there training. Both complain about all the aches and pains they both complain that they aren’t in shape. 1 always finishes the workout. 2 is always the first one to stop and take a break. 1 is happy with his training and his standing in this art. 2 does a lot of wishing they were better. Both want to be better in the art, and be in better shape, bit 1 works toward it 2 just wishes fir it.

All of us are individuals, we are all different, I want you to be the best you can be. This will only happen if you push yourself. as we say in class its hard but did you die?? so don’t be the first one to quit, push harder don’t use the excuse I’m too old, too hurt, too fat, or too out of shape. just push keep moving forward one foot at a time, and you will get there you will reach your goal. quit telling yourself why you can’t do it, do it in spite of it.

Master Emmons
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