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Emmons-Woman Self-Defense Boot Camp

Woman Self-Defense Boot Camp

We at Emmons TaeKwonDo America are in the middle of this 6 hours Woman Self-Defense boot camp, and it’s going great. I can see the  difference of the intensity, power, commitment, and strength of these ladies from  the first Saturday to the second. what a difference. Just in this short time and Next week we will review all the techniques we have been working on , then they will put them to the test by  simulated attacks by  a few of my adult black belts dressed in safety gear

These courses are designed  with real world techniques . The skills we teach are easy and effective if practiced. The classes  give the women some confidence then  with regular practice they can be successful  woarding off an attack.  A run down of the 6 hour class is as follows

The first session- short safety talk , start with a warm up then into some upper body workout, leading into  strikes , from the strikes we work core  then combining core with strikes.after  a small break start  with leg work and on to kicks  more legs finishing the 2 hour workout with a short review of all we work on .

the second session – warm up with  continue safety talk , start with review  of strikes from first session with upper body workout.  after small break we move on to grabs and escapes, more core work  combining grabs with strikes and leg workouts. we end with floor  escapes from the mount position.

Third session-  Warm up  upper body workout , leading into all strikes . Kicks adding lower body and leg workout, go to the floor review escapes from the mount position. the last 20 minutes we use for simulated attacks.

Once you have attended one  of our women self-defense courses all refreshers/ classes are free  for you.  we want you to  keep practicing so come and join us at the next corse .

Master Emmons
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