Emmons Taekwondo - A statue of a buddha on a black background at a karate school.

Winning By Losing

In my life I have had to recognize the value of winning by losing. I suspect you have had to learn this same lesson. You may not understand this term until I tell you my story. I have three daughters and I love them with all my heart. As little girls, I and their mother were the example that they followed in there journey to adulthood. You teach them all the things that will make them productive members of society. You teach them morals and values that will make them adults with ethics, integrity, and honesty. You give them the tools to be productive members of society and people of values. People that you can be proud of. People that are kind to others. People that aren’t judgmental, racist, homophobic. That they treat people as you would like to be treated. Self-sufficient; then one day you wake up and find that your children are grown and they don’t need your guidance anymore. That they have all the tools they need to carry on without you. So by losing them to adulthood you win as a parent. Now instead of them looking up to you, you now look up to them. Now the tables have turned a little, instead of leading sometimes we follow, instead of checking in making sure they are alright, we get the calls. Life is funny, I use to worry about them now they worry about us. We are still Winning!!!


Master Emmons
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