Emmons Taekwondo - A black and white photo of a buddha statue.

We only have today

As you worry about tomorrows problems or yesterdays regrets. Breathe and feel today. Because today is all we have. Yesterday is gone, and can’t be changed, and tomorrow may never come, so why concern yourself with the things you can’t do anything about. Breathe and enjoy this day this time this moment. Feel your breath. Reflect on your person. Look at yourself honestly, clearly, your short comings . You can change what is small about you. The things that make you unhappy, But first you must recognize it in yourself. Don’t be ashamed, or beat yourself up about it just acknowledge it.

Then you can change, stop it when you start to feel it coming to the surface you will recognize it and be able to stop it before it controls you. I call this mind my monkey mind. It has no self-control, it is all over the place. It gets me in lots of trouble . When I lose control and my monkey mind starts to take over I stop recognize it come back to my breath then start again, with a more open heart more understanding of what I want others to see in me. I’m not trying to give you any answers , most of the time I don’t even know the questions. These are just my thoughts that you may find interesting.

Master Emmons
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