Emmons Taekwondo - A group of kids showcasing their martial arts skills at a TaeKwonDo academy.

Verbal TaeKwonDo Training


Here at John Emmons Taekwondo Academy, we stress non-violent conflict resolution.  We give the kids tools to use when involved in an aggressive situation with other children. We teach verbal Taekwondo. This system teaches the child how to react to the bulling in a non-violent but affective  way.  An example of verbal TaeKwonDo training, would be to block a verbal attack by aggressor by not reacting to the name-calling by the bully. Learning how to let it go or responding in a non-predictable way .  You think I’m a nerd?  Yeah I guess your right, I get good grades and like  school. Yeah I’m a Nerd.

These lessons are taught in all classes throughout the training cycle. But we specialize in these skills during the first week of each training cycle this week is called self-defense week.  Come and try a free TaeKwonDo class and see for yourself if this is something you would like for your children.

Emmons TaeKwonDo Academy

2573 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy.

Kissimmee Fl. 34744

Master Emmons
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