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Training for life

I just had a father come into my office and tell me that his son is quitting  TaeKwonDo as of today. This is not because the child wants to quit. it is because the father and mother are too busy to bring the child to class anymore.  The child cried and asked if  his father and mother would let him continue his training. The father told me that he told his son you can’t do everything and that the father is to busy to drive him to all his activities. So he needed to choose basketball or TaeKwonDo. The child has been training for over 4 years with me, and although he loves TaeKwonDo he wants to play with his school basketball team. This is a reoccurring problem with students that have been training for years. I think that after a few years the parents forget why they put their kids in TaeKwonDo  in the first place .Its so much more then a physical activity. And in the beginning they understood that and that was the reason they trained but after a few years they forget the importance of the life lessons taught in a TaeKwonDo classes  They forget  the self-confidence that their child gains when training, they forget how strong the personalities become through the training of TaeKwonDo. They forget the leader ship roles that are developed in taekwondo classes and the instructor program that they’ve entered into. They forget that this is what made them strong independent clear thinking kids that they  have become. And how the continuing their training will reinforce those qualities in the child and mold the child into a person  with strong mind and body. Teams sports can teach lots of things and participating in them are really good for children and adults but individual sports of TaeKwonDo can also build life skills that will last long after the child has become an adult. Finding the time as a parent is always going to be an issue but our kids are only young once and we only get one chance to do the best for them and as a parent you get to make that choice. Finding the balance in life is important. But honestly I lose more students because the parents are tired of sitting not the child  training.

Training for life 1

Master Emmons
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