Tournament bound

masterYes , it’s the last few days to get signed up for the last Florida regional tournament of 2015. We know that you can gain so much from participating in these tournaments. You will gain self-confidence, self esteem, and bravery by facing your fears. These tournaments make you a stronger person inside and out.

When you win you must practice humility. When  you lose you practice sportsmanship. You can’t be the best until you go head to head  against the best. No matter what happens win of lose you will fell good  that you challenged yourself. Don’t let your fear of losing stop you from trying your best to accomplish your goals. The only losers are the ones of us that give  into our fears..

Stand tall and be counted as one that didn’t run away from your fears then be proud of your results what ever they may be.

Warriors don’t run they stay and fight .. Be a Warrior.