Teaching Self-Defense

A few days ago I had someone asked if I taught self-defense classes , I said very Proudly everyday! They said no I don’t  TaeKwonDo , I mean real self-defense. your TKD classes are hard,(sometimes) too hard with the physical fitness portion of the class it almost feels like a boot camp, or crossfit class. Your sparring classes are great but it’s not real, I mean I can’t hit them like I would if it was a real attack. I explained that everything we do in my TKD class is to help my students get ready for real self-defense situations, with the hope that they never have to use it. I said let me break down some of what you do in a TKD class that will help you in a real attack.

1) The physical fitness portion – this is arguably the most importance part of self-defense. The technique is only as good or strong as the practitioner. Without strength and conditioning(wind) technique is useless. 2) The techniques that we practice in class (kicks, and punches) are great offensive tools we just change the location of the strike for self-defense, I like to remind my students that all the places you shouldn’t attack in class are the places you attack in self-defense situations. 3) The blocking drills that we do will prepare you for seeing and identifying whats coming at you and teaching you how to block, evade and counter. As far as hitting hard, well you don’t get in your car and practice slamming on the brakes and turning the wheel hard to the right or left but if someone pulls out in front of you, you react. Believe me if and when you need to hit hard, you will. (Fight or flight) Your adrenaline gland will give you plenty of strength when needed.

I ended with there’s not a 3 hour,5 hour or special class that will give you the magic technique, that will keep you safe. but if you train with me for a year you will be and feel safer then you did, and if you commit to training with me for 5 years, this art will be yours and the skills you are looking for now you will possess.