John Emmons

Level 4 Master Instructor - 7th Degree Black Belt

•  Master Emmons Emmons opened his St. Cloud TaeKwonDo Training Center in Nov. of 1990 and his Kissimmee training center in Feb. 1995 and has been providing the best TaeKwonDo and Life skills training for the residences of Osceola county ever since.

•  Master Emmons has trained under his instructor TaeKwonDo Master Ken Mann (of Orlando Fl.) for over 21 years.

•  Master Emmons has over 20 years experience as a Police Officer in which he is certified in numerous forms of self-defense, including the use of Asp Baton (short stick), Riot baton, Stun Gun, Chemical agent, 30cal. assault rifle, and several different kinds of calibers and handguns.

•  Master Emmons is State certified to teach TEAM (Tech. for Effective Aggression Management) training, Defensive Tactics (class taught to Law enforcement officers). He is a State certified Fire Fighter, EMT., Police of ficer, and Nationally certified to teach TaeKwonDo

A listing of awards and achievements

•    2-time Fire Fighter of the Year (1978, 1981)

•    4-time Police Officer of the Year (1983,1985,1986, & 1994)

•    Named “Man of the Year” by Osceola County OCH (1998)

•    Named Instructor of the Year (1996)

•    Named School Owner of the Year (1998)

•    Named Top-10 TaeKwonDo School in the U.S. since 1994

•    5-time Top-10 Black Belt in U.S. (1991 – 1994, & 2003)

•    3-time National Grand Champion in Forms (1991,1992, & 2003)

•    5-time National Grand Champion in Sparring (1991 – 1994, and 2003)

•    Vice President of TaeKwonDo America (2003, 2004)

•    Currently President of TaeKwonDo America (Since 2004)