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Should I Test?

Why should I test? I can better tell you, why you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t test if you haven’t put in the work/training for the testing. You shouldn’t test just because you are eligible. Your training should dictate the time for your testing not a calendar. One of the worst reasons to test is. My mom says I can quit after I make my Black Belt, or after I make my 3rd degree So I want to test so I can quit. I will tell you then just quit. You will never be ready to test if you are only thinking about quitting. is easy, but it also sets up a pattern that can follow you for the rest of your life. When something gets hard just quit and find something else to do. i.e. Jobs, relationships, schools. Most of the time working hard to achieve ones goals is its own reward. In our school we have our 3rd degree wall. and there is 65 names on that wall. The names that impress me are the ones that still train. I watched 6 of Of our students test at the Jan. 2016 Nationals. I had two that had a problem with there board breaks. Student 1. is 14 and its his first time at a national testing . He was scared and unsure of what to do. Although he has been testing since he was a white belt it has been almost 2 years since he has tested. When he handed the board holders at one station the boards they turned it the wrong way the grains were turned the wrong for the side kick he wanted to do at that station. He didn’t catch the mistake so he didn’t tell them to turn the boards and they held it in the wrong position. He hit the station three times without thinking about what was wrong. The third time he hit the board so hard that the holders flew back about a foot. but the grains were turned wrong. He did not break he received a no-change. Tester number 2 is 28 – testing for 5th degree. He’s been at the big show numerous times. He broke two stations that his Judging table didn’t like. Safety reasons( spin heel, and 360 jump spin heel). brought him to the table and told him he had to redo those two breaks. and although he must change his breaks, they did count as a attempt. so he only has 2 chances to break with different kicks. One of the Judges asked can you break with different Kicks? He being confident in his training, older, and it not being his first time at the national testing , just smiled at the Judges and respectfully stated yes sir I will do any kick you would like. Went back with four new boards and within one minute set up the two stations and broke with a spin side kick and a 360 jump spin side kick. The crowd went wild and he passed his testing . The different is obvious. Time and experience plays a large part of your testing, your understanding of this art and it’s application in self-defense. Instead of worrying about quitting just get the most from what you are doing right now. Worry about quitting tomorrow, lets train TODAY.

Master Emmons
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