Emmons Taekwondo - A group of people training in martial arts at a TaeKwonDo Academy.

Quitting is harder than you think

Most people believe that quitting is easy, and it seems that way. .  But the Reality is that it follows you for the rest of your life. Quitting is hard and the worst part is that you can never get that time back. It haunts you, you regret not following through, not sucking it up, not pushing through and achieving the goal that you had set for yourself or completing the task to the best of your ability. All most daily you say to yourself, I wished I would have finished I was so close. It really doesn’t matter what it is , it stills stings. Now you can restart your activity  and complete what you started. Even if is years later. so Why don’t you?

This can be anything but you know me!  For most of you it was your Black Belt. A few less its your 3rd degree black belt, and for even fewer it is your master rank. It’s not too late it is never too late. Sure you’re a little older, maybe a little wider, out of shape.  Your  busy with family, work, other commitments, I just don’t have the time! I heard it all before. I say if you want to do something nothing can stop you. Remember how the training made you feel?  The sense of accomplishment you felt, the pride that comes from this art. We all need something for ourselves. for most of you it was TaeKwonDo training. So come back, I’m still here! The floor is the same nothing has really changed except we’re missing you, and the hardest part is that first step back on the workout floor. I will see you in class.

Your Instructor

John Emmons                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Emmons-taekwondo-our-school-photos


Master Emmons
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