Street Self-Defense For Men & Women

What is it?

Master Emmons has developed a 3 hour street self-defense course for both men and women. This course combines physical techniques that he has taught to law-enforcement officers as well as a commonsense lecture on how to stay safe.  We have taught this class to many teacher groups, banks, county agencies, and Community centers throughout Osceola County. We offer this class several times a year. Call and get your name on the list for the next available session.

Prepare yourself to be safe against attackers. Learn about practical self-defense techniques.

Kids Safe Lecture
We conduct a two part seminar on protection for kids against child abductors. Topics covered are detailed below.

Part 1

1 Hour Lecture for Children. Children will learn about:

•    Stranger Danger

•    Park/Mall/School Safety

Part 2

1 Hour Lecture for Parents/PTA/PTO. Attendees will learn about:

•    Creating Child ID Kits

•    Helping children to identify dangerous situations

TaeKwonDo Lecture
1 Hour Lecture
Learn how to apply the ancient art of TaeKwonDo in modern times.

Street Safety
1 Hour Course for Men and Women
Learn about safety techniques for today’s society, practical self-defenses, and ways to be safe.

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