Alarming Facts…
  • One out of three women will be sexually
    assaulted in her lifetime.
  • A woman is raped every six seconds.
  • Rape is the second fastest growing crime in
  • One out of six women students will be
    sexually assaulted on campus.
  • 60% of victims know their attacker.
  • Only 1% of rapes are reported.

unnamed-11 Hour Lecture
Prepare yourself to be safe against attackers. Learn about practical self defense techniques.

Kids Safe Lecture
Protection for kids against child abductors.
2 part Seminar:
1 Hour Lecture for Children:
Children will learn about:
•    Stranger Danger
•    Park/Mall/School Safety
1 Hour Lecture for Parents/PTA/PTO:
Learn about:
•    Creating Child ID Kits
•    Helping children to identify dangerous situations

TaeKwonDo Lecture
1 Hour Lecture
Learn how to apply the ancient art of TaeKwonDo in modern times.

Street Safety
1 Hour Course for Men and Women
Learn about safety techniques for today’s society, practical self-defenses, and ways to be safe.