Emmons Taekwondo - Two women in karate uniforms posing for a photo at a TaeKwonDo school.

National Tournaments Why?

National Tournament 2020

So one of the first questions I will be asked  should I go to the tournament?

the Answer YES!! But what if I’m not ready? answer, get ready!! As a student of Emmons TaeKwonDo America  you must compete in four regional tournament  and two national tournaments in order to qualify for your black belt testing.. Then once you make your black belt rank. you must do one regional tournament and one national tournament per year  to Continue on your track to third degree Black belt.

You may ask why? That questions deserves an answer.  I put you in battle to test your art, and your heart, To test your resolve, your grit, your guts, and your skill. This is the way I help you become the Black Belt you want to be, and helps you learn lessons that can only be learned by experiencing them.

SO GET SIGNED UP  and I will see you at  the Tournament.

Master Emmons
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