My Instructor

My instructor is Master Ken Mann. He’s not my former, first or one of my instructors he is my only instructor. I started training with him as a white belt, and he tied my black belt around my waist. That makes him my instructor..
Over the last 25 years I’ve learned and train under lots of great martial artist and instructors but again My instructor has and will always be Master Ken Man. He’s the one that introduced me to the art. He’s the one that was patient with me and my training. He’s the one that got me motivated during the low times when it was the hardest for me to continue my training. He’s the one that gave me my martial artist Spirit. Lots of great instructors and martial artist have given me lots of things in the way of technique and bettering my skills even giving me words of wisdom for life . Master Man gave me the soul of a martial artist for that, he will always be my instructor. Remember you will train with lots of people and learn from all that you train with ,but don’t forget, the one, your instructor. The reason you started your training. The reason you are the artist you are. Without Master Man I would not be a instructor, or Martial Artist. Everything I Am. Started with my first class with him..
Some of us forget our roots, and we blow in the wind. To call someone your instructor is a great honor, don’t demean it by over using it. Some of us get to a rank, where we don’t think we need an instructor anymore, the bars on your belt may go to your head, having a instructor will ground you, will remind you that you are still a student. When you forget that you are still a student you will stop growing and become stagnant. Everyone has a instructor, remembering him and remembering that you are still a student will give you strength and humility. Without that you will become prideful, egotistical and an bloated in word and your deed, when you get to the point in your life where you know everything about this art, it tells me you know nothing about being a Martial Artist.

John Emmons
Student of TaeKwondo