Emmons Taekwondo - A silhouette of a man with a samurai sword on a hill, representing the spirit of martial arts.

Korean Sword Art

The Making of a Great Geom (Korean Sword) is through fire and folding it many times.  
The making of a Martial Artist is done the same way.  
TaeKwonDo America National TaeKwonDo Fall Championships are here.  The bravest of us will battle at this tournament.  We will represent our Schools, our Instructors, our Families, and our art.  Winning or losing is not important it’s the battle that makes you a warrior.  Each time you step into the ring you become stronger, better, tougher, and harder just like the Greatest Geom.  This is an internal Challenge as well as the challenges brought by the other competitors.  The test of your resolve is in the competition not the results.  Standing to be counted, letting the chips fall where they may.  Knowing that you are standing in the belly of the beast, and are ready to test yourself again.  All the training is over now it’s time to put it all out there, to give it all you got.  To try your best and see how you fair against competitors of similar time and grade.  Now am I enough?  Did I train enough, am I ready?  Those that have guts to do this are marked with the label of a warrior.  You will represent yourself well in this battle and Know I’m proud of you and stand with you in this battle and all to come in your life.  You will always be my student and I will always be your instructor.
Master John Emmons  
Master Emmons
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