Emmons Taekwondo - A Karate School with a gym floor.

Just a Room?

As I enter the room it feels like an old friend. Inviting and warm, but yet challenging and hard. The first time I entered the room it was  frightening and overwhelming, but  I was anxious to take the challenge . Learn the lessons.  I had no idea what an impact this one day would have on my entire life.  I just believed it was a physical outlet for my stress and a way to  build my body in a stronger way. Over 30 years later it is still my most favorite place to be. In that room  there is no gray area the rules are simple , easy to understand and follow . Train hard,  push your limits,  respect the art and the training . Be humble , have empathy , and be kind . My  abilities  Have never been where I would like them to be. And my temperament has never been as calm and controlled as I would like it to be. Both are still a work in progress. I practice both daily. In the hopes that one day I’ll will achieve the  goals I have for myself in both training and my temperament as a  person.  this room is a place of calm quiet, loud physical activity. It’s a room with reverence, and a room with joy and laughter. This is my Dojang,  it’s important to the training , but not necessary to your training. It’s a special place to be, and it’s just the room.  It’s everything and nothing. Join me in this room, lets train and experience this art together

John Emmons

Master Emmons
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