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I’m real that’s, me like me or not!

I see this statement  on social media all the time .”I’m real! Like me or not I don’t care”.  We all need to be excepted for who we are, but if you are a jerk, maybe you should change that. Being excepted is only part of the equation, it seems like some people want to be excepted even if they are cruel, unkind, and show no empathy for others.  Please show me  the real you,, the kind part. The  part your mother loves.  Understanding that  excepting  others is also important. The statement implies you don’t care about other peoples feelings. What if you  wrote what you really feel.  I want people to like me, but I fear sometimes I’m not good enough. That probably is a more accurate statement for most of us. To that I say as long as you are being the real you, the kind you, the caring you the you that as empathy for others less fortunate than you.  Understanding the part of being in the human race, is reaching out and helping others it will be enough. In these kinds of articles we always talk in the abstract. I want you to put some verbs in your words take some action.  Show that your kind and caring to others. Volunteer with us. We volunteer with ” a Hero for kids” or any other  civic group that helps in your community. See if this doesn’t help you to feel fulfilled. remember karma, what you put out in the world will return to you.

What you think upon will grow.


Master Emmons
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