Honor  in the dodgeball game

john emmons eta patch1 (3)Last weekend we had our annual dodgeball tournament. This is a fundraiser for black belts and we are raising money to help offset the cost of black belt conference for them. I was disappointed in our school our students and parents. We invite people to come to this tournament and participate that  are not taekwondo students and  their only experience with martial artist was last Saturday. This particular group that I’m referring to are  the defending champions from last years dodgeball games. These are 7  men between the ages  of 25 and 34. They brought there wife’s and families to watch the tournament. They were excited about coming back and  defending their title. When they were  called to the floor for there first game some of the spectators started booing , and it only got worst.  The more they won the louder the boos were. It looked like we  had invited people to our school only to be rude to them. Some of their  wives and family didn’t understand why people were booing them, frankly I didn’t  either . This team of men came  to support the black belts and help with the fundraiser, and this was how we treated them. I was ashamed of our people. I’m not sure why  some thought it was OK to act that way? They would never act that way at a TKD tournament, so why would it be alright to do it at the dodgeball tournament? I can only think that we may have got caught  up in the excitement of the day and forgot who we are and what we  stand for. I would  like  to take this opportunity to  apologize to the team of GO-PRO for our unsportsmanlike conduct and thank you for  remaining the gentleman that you are.

Thank you for supporting our Black Belts, And if you decide to come back to defend your title for the third time I promise we will conduct ourselves better. You guys were great on and off the floor.


John Emmons