From the Workout Floor

January national tournament is less than two weeks away and it’s time for us to talk about the way that we compete. Competition is a good thing it helps to keep us sharp, lets us know where we stand with our peers, motivates us to train hard to be better. But your jubilation after a win is disrespectful to your opponent into the art itself. Smack talk or the circus atmosphere that I win and you suck has no place in martial arts competition. Without your opponent you wouldn’t have won anything. To respect your opponent and his skills is to respect you and your skill level. When we get to this tournament and we win will be humble and will be respectful to our opponent into the art itself. And if we lose we will be respectful to our opponent and the art. We will not show a lot of emotion will try real hard to hold back and remember that our loss is just a growth as well it’s one day in training and we will learn to be better, by fixing our mistakes and come back stronger and harder the next time.

When it comes to this competition and your training in general you can’t expect to win if you haven’t put in the work so instead of looking at your opponent or looking at the judges, or trying to make excuses for your poor performance or your loss. You need to look in the mirror and remember what you did or didn’t do that got you to where you are. Make adjustments so that the next time that you enter that ring you’re more prepared. Had you prepared well and you trained hard leading up to the tournament and if you were ready to go in that ring you wouldn’t be as disappointed in your loss you would understand that you gave it your best and that day with that opponent you fell a little short. it’s when you don’t prepare, it’s when you don’t train hard. You are disappointed and the reality is you’re not as disappointed in your opponent or the judges. as you are yourself and your lack of preparedness for this event. Don’t be that guy that’s disappointed in himself train hard be ready give it your best and then be proud of your outcome whether it’s first place or Spirit award and I’ll be proud of you too. Remember this is a Marathon race not a sprint. see you at the national TaeKwonDo America winter Tournament
John Emmons