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Enjoy the trip

When I was a young boy traveling with my parents. It always seem to me that my father would talk to the other men in our family about how fast he was able to get from our home to wherever the reunion was, or the party was. It appeared to me at a young age that it was important, and gave you bragging rights. The men would sit around and one would say I made the trip in three hours and 20 minutes, and a second man  would say I made it in three hours and 10 minutes.  It Was always a battle. I spent a lot of time in the backseat of that Ford LTD. I remember we drove right past Six Flags over Georgia but we just didn’t have time to stop. That’s the way it was my whole life we were going from point A to point B and we could not be distracted we needed to be at point B as soon as possible so we could relax, and start our vacation or visit with our relatives, ironic right? Later in my life.
I traveled  with my father during the  summer break  for  his business trips.  Again we would pass by some of the coolest things in America, but we never had time to visit it or to enjoy it. We needed to keep on the road. make it to our destination so we could complete his business , and move to the next job.  As I grew up I followed the same path as my father in many ways. I was always


looking for the next thing, the next promotion in my occupation. the next rank in my TaeKwonDo training. I finally realized about seven or eight years ago that I was so busy  looking for the future  I wasn’t enjoying the present. As I write this Blog I’m still not in the present, I’m in the past.

You must let yesterday go, and not be concerned about tomorrow, just enjoy today be fully present with what you are doing. Be present for your family, your friends, your health and your  peace. If you are depressed, you’re living in the past, if you ar anxious, you are living in the future, only living in the present will give you peace.


Master Emmons
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