Courtesy – This is the first tenet of TaeKwonDo, Why? Because it is the most importance one, If one holds to this one tenet it will support all the others. For one to truly be courteous, is to uphold the rest of the tenets of TaeKwonDo.  The most basic definition of this word is to be kind and polite.  to have integrity with others you must be courteous to them. To have personal integrity one must be courteous to ones self.  It is not kind or polite to mislead or lie  to ones self, or any other person in which one is dealing with. You can see how this one tenet comes to the aid of all the others. This holiday season the tenet of courtesy comes to the front of our minds , but I challenge you and I to find this tenet in everyday in every dealing we have with all out friends and family , because these are the people that we seem to treat with the least amount of courtesy.

We forget  that we may  practice our art everyday by working on the tenets of TaeKwonDo. Your art will never be as strong as it could be  if you are fighting within your self. You can not be a martial artist in the do-jang  and something else  outside of your school and away from your instructor.

MAster John Emmons