Testing  courage, comes from a different place, then the made up courage from a stunt man, or a dare devil. A hero’s courage is a test of a persons character , his heart and his commitment to something or someone bigger then himself.. Real courage is the kid that trains hard, works to over come the no-change he got at the last testing. He stands up when his name is called. He Yells “Yes Ma’am” , he Swallows hard, then runs to his number on the testing floor. He stands there, it seems like a life time.  It looks like there are a million people looking straight at him. Everyone is watching. He thinks what if I forget, or make a mistake? What if I look dumb?  Do I have the courage to do what must be done. Then he hears in that  big deep loud  voice, ” Face front Charyot Kyong ye+  – he bows and thinks maybe I should just run away right now.  He hears  “Jumbi your form”, he takes his start position and says to himself It’s to late .  “Your count  Begin”. He’s so scared , but he starts, not even understanding why,  he just  started. His body just took over  now he’s 10 movements, into the form, and forgets all about the millions of people  watching him, he’s just in the moment , he is the art.  Nothing but the art and him exist for the rest of that form.  Then Suddenly he’s back. He’s done and  waiting  in the last position of his form, to be called back to his Jumbi position. It’s done ,He did it. He Faced the fear and finished what he started. You may ask Did  the Judges  pass him? My answer is It doesn’t matter.