Consistency of a T/A Instructor

Consistency, that’s the key to a lot of things in our life’s.   As far as TaeKwonDo goes, consistency in your training will make you a better fighter but consistency in your life will make you a Martial Artist.  Understanding that as a student you need to be consistent in your training.  Consistent in your attitude, consistent in your behavior and consistent in your ethics.  As a TaeKwonDo instructor you must have the same attributes listed above with the added responsibility of being consistent in discipline with the one’s in your charge.  As a instructor you can’t ask of someone something that you yourself don’t do.  This is hypocritical and you will lose all respect from those under your care.  If you talk the talk you must walk the walk.  If you want people to follow you you must be worth following.  This comes from you being consistent, Predictable.   People don’t expect you to be perfect they expect you to be predictable, ethical and  moral.  People are looking for a strong leader, one that has a vision and knows how to get them there.  One that takes responsibility for their actions, admits when their wrong.  Fixes the deficiency and moves forward.  You as a TaeKwonDo Instructor must conduct yourself in a manner that people will honor and respect.  You want to be a rolemodel for your students to follow.  So be that person all the time not just when someone is watching.  It’s very hard to keep up that act.  People will see through it.  So don’t be a actor.  Think before you act and be the person/leader/TKD Black Belt/TKD Instructor,  you want to be.  Stand tall don’t buckle to outside pressure.  Stand up for whats right.  Behave the way you want your students to behave, and always remember that you are a TaeKwonDo America Black Belt Instructor SO ACT LIKE IT!!