Emmons Taekwondo - A photo of a police officer presenting a badge to a man during TaeKwonDo training.

With Self control you will be a Hero

Self control,  this tenant is harder than it seems. One should easily be able to control one’s emotions and behavior. But it’s not always that easy. We get wrapped up in the event  that is happening before us, and turn it into something that is happening to us. Their in lies the problem. Just because I’m going through something, doesn’t mean that it’s out of my control. I always have control over my behavior over my response to the event. Unless my emotions get involved in the situation. Without control over my emotions I will react in a non-productive way based on my feelings being hurt .  A persons ego is the root of their uncontrollable behavior. As a police officer when people would call me names or disrespect me. I could easily separate myself from the uniform and the badge then  it became easy for me to stay in control of  my emotions understanding , that they weren’t  talking about me, They were talking about the cop  that  was standing in front of them. This allowed me to have Great self-control in any and all situations.  This attitude made me  the hero in every situation that I was involved in as a police officer and I actively tried to be the hero in all situations. I have since realized that as a martial artist I can still be the hero in the situation as long as I don’t let my emotions get the best of me. Learning physical self-control  in my TaeKwonDo Classes helps me to develop emotional self-control when dealing with friends and family and acquaintances. TaeKwonDo Training can help us all develop self-confidence  Physical  and mental strength   help us with our self control and allowed us to be the Hero to our friends and family. Are you a hero?

Master Emmons
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