Emmons Taekwondo - Man and child practicing self-defense in a karate school gym.

Being Satisfied

Those that have enough will always have enough and Those that don’t have enough will never have enough. That is a line from a book I try to recall  as much as I can. Being satisfied and happy is a state of mind its a choice that one makes. If your not happy or satisfied with your life  find out why and take steps to make yourself happy and satisfied. But things will never give you real satisfaction and happiness. The more things you get, the more you will need to feel happy, shortly after buying the newest and greatest thing  There will be something else that will top what you have.  What will truly make you happy and satisfied  in life will be things that you can’t buy, love, purpose , kindness.  and Generosity. TaeKwonDo gives me some of the things  that I need to be happy. The satisfaction  of completing   something hard something challenging  something rewarding accomplishing  the goals you have set for yourself. TaeKwonDo training  challenges me, watching others inspires me, after a good workout it fulfills  me  , and last but not least At the end of the day it’s the people that surround me  my family and friends  that satisfies me.  Being a Martial Artist gives me the other things I need to be satisfied Kindness, and Generosity.  Empathy is a key to being a Martial Artist being Kind and Generous will help you to be happy and satisfied .  I hope you can find the same satisfaction  in TaeKwonDo that I have.


Master Emmons
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