John Emmons
Level 4 Master Instructor - 7th Degree Black Belt

Korean Sword Art

The Making of a Great Geom (Korean Sword) is through fire and folding it many times.   The making of a Martial Artist is done the same way.     TaeKwonDo America National TaeKwonDo Fall Championships are here.  The bravest of us will battle at this tournament.  We will represent our Schools, our Instructors, our Families, and our art.  Winning or losing is not important it’s the battle that makes you a warrior.  Each time you.

Florida Regional Camp Warrior Arts Camp

Martial arts means warrior arts – teaching someone to become a warrior. Training like a warrior is easier then it sounds. Conditioning is as big a part of being a warrior as the combat is. One must work on hardening the body. Training like a warrior is what we will do at warrior camp. We.

Winning By Losing

In my life I have had to recognize the value of winning through losing. I suspect you have had to learn this same lesson. You may not understand this term until I tell you my story. I have three daughters and I love them with all my heart. As little girls, I and their mother.

A Note to My Friends About the Shooting Last Saturday Night

It’s taken me 5 days just to be able to say anything about the killing of 49 of our friends family and loved ones that were just out for the evening having fun at a club downtown. After listening to all the news reports and the witness accounts of the devastation and the horrible events.

Moms Reasons Not Going To Class

I have worked all day and I’m tired I didn’t work today and I’m tired I feel a cold coming on and I don’t want to expose others I’m just getting over a cold and I’m weak. I have to cook dinner for this bunch of ungrateful kids Kids then plug in the next thing.

Being Satisfied

Those that have enough will always have enough and Those that don’t have enough will never have enough. That is a line from a book I try to recall  as much as I can. Being happy and satisfied  is a state of mind its a choice that one makes. If your not happy or satisfied.

Should I Test?

Why should I test? I can better tell you, why you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t test if you haven’t put in the work/training for the testing. You shouldn’t test just because you are eligible. Your training should dictate the time for your testing not a calendar. One of the worst reasons to test is. My mom.

Your Workout

One day last week, while I was teaching the morning class. I watch two of my adult students training. Both have been in our program for about three years. We will call them student 1 and student 2. 1 has achieved there goal of Black belt, 2 has not. 1 trains three days per week.

We only have today

As you worry about tomorrows problems or yesterdays regrets. Breathe and feel today. Because today is all we have. Yesterday is gone, and can’t be changed, and tomorrow may never come, so why concern yourself with the things you can’t do anything about. Breathe and enjoy this day this time this moment. Feel your breath..

Emmons TaeKwonDo BOGO

Emmons TaeKwonDo BOGO Come see us at our new location. 2573 E HWY 192 Kissimmee, FL 34744
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