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A Note to My Friends About the Shooting Last Saturday Night

It’s taken me 5 days just to be able to say anything about the killing of 49 of our friends family and loved ones that were just out for the evening having fun at a club downtown. After listening to all the news reports and the witness accounts of the devastation and the horrible events that occurred inside the club that night. I wonder what good could come out of this, how can we make the loss of our loved ones not be in vein? What can we do to immortalize them to bring respect to them, to help effect a long lasting change that would be respective of there lives and help us to get through the days to come. This should be something that we never forget, the feeling of loss that you feel. The feeling of togetherness we feel. The feeling that we are all one family. These are things that will make us feel, that our losses did at least bring a lasting change in peoples minds about the LGBT community. Maybe we can quit calling them a LGBT community and just start calling them our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers. I morn the loss of our family, and hope we never forget the feeling of family for all people no matter how you love or who you love in your life. Right is what is right for you, But wrong. Wrong is easy to see . The intolerance of other people’s lifestyle’s, customs, religions, or other beliefs.

I don’t blame the guns, I get it “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE”. I blame corporate greed, Gun manufacture’s put profits before peoples lives. I blame the NRA for fear mongering, Not telling the truth about gun control. Every person I have talked to, thinks that we should have gun control , that if you are on a terrorist watch group you should not be able to buy guns and Ammunition. So if everyone believes that why can’t we make that a law? Because our politicians can’t work together for a bigger cause, they are only worried about themselves and who will get the credit. They are ways to help stop some of the gun violence but we must be able to talk and trust each other to make a change. We must quit being so paranoid in thinking that big brother will take our guns away. We just need to use our common sense and make some real decisions about gun control, and stop letting corporations. Lobbying groups for corporations or gun manufacturers, make the decisions for us about the safety of our family in reference to guns and gun violence. It’s like letting the fox guard the henhouse and then being surprised when he eats all the chickens.

Take this article for what it’s worth. My opinion


Master Emmons
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